Sunday, March 4, 2007

17 Door Knobs, 10 Interior Doors, 2 Sliding Doors, and 1 much needed visit to IKEA

I have a few more things added to the list. Not the purchased list, but the yes we're sure list. The front door will be a hard decision. And yes, Red is an option, or natural wood. I'll post some options. The door knob type for all interior doors is in the photo to the right ; second row, middle, black-ish (semi-aged bronze), oval shaped. I like it. I kept turning that one at the store (and no, I had no disinfectant wipes with me)...
The above doors are Therma tru brand.
We like both styles and may find more...
Bamboo Hardwood Flooring is a pretty sure.
All the windows/sliding doors will be the low E Viking Brand.

IKEA Kitchen is a for sure. I have a model on my IKEA Kitchen Planner that I'll try to post but I need to try and keep three Base cabinets from floating up the wall. They really want to be wall cabinets. I'll work on that.
Zach has all of the structural calculations done except for the roof. The floor studs are drawn in. He is now drawing in the wall studs, and the window framing. Next will be to plan out the plumbing and electrical.
I'm still moving around the master bathroom to ensure a good layout with the newly decided bathtub addition. Something like this one, but still looking.