Saturday, August 25, 2007


One of our first purchases for the house... I was in our local home improvement store a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon this hot deal. It was too good to pass up. As you know, I was comtemplating getting one of those cool cast iron stoves available in many colors, but after looking at the prices for one of them...I think I'd rather put the money elsewhere.
This one was on clearance because someone ordered it last year and never picked it up. This model / size usually costs about $1,200 - $1,500. The cast iron ones are about $2,200 - $2,600. So when this one said $599. I had to get it. It has a glass door, a pull out drawer for the ashes, and the manufacturer has a great website where you can order parts (different colored handles - no gold please). It is the larger model - can heat around 2600 ? square feet. I called Zach, and yes he did not answer his cell phone, and left a message asking if I should get it. Since I figured his answer would be yes, (and since I'm trying to teach him the importance of turning his cell phone on, keeping it with him, and answering it when it rings!)...I got it.

He loves it by the way. Now if we could just get it out of the truck.... I know, there is no hurry. There is no house yet.

Update on the Burmuda Triangle: I wrote up a quitclaim deed for that piece, had the previous owner sign it (thank god - I sent her some gift cards and a thank you note). It has been recorded and our surveyor is finalizing up the partition. We will have to finalize some things with the county (get another updated title report, sign the recorded partition, get it notarized, have the county surveyor sign it, and the taxation director...). I'll let you know when that is done.

We will most likely wait until spring to begin construction. In the mean time, we'll keep getting ready, making sure we get as many details lined up for the building plans.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Santa Fe Find...

Here is my great find in Santa Fe. I love it. It was an adventure getting it to fit under the airplane seat in each of my three connections, but it was worth it. It has turquoise on the face of the skull. I'm thinking in the future entry way, or living room.