Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh yeah... Partition approved.

Next steps will be approaching soon!! Zach and I are making a timeline to get our building plans approved by the county around March of 2008.
We are trying to get the last bit of detail (decking, porches, electrical outlets, etc.) on our AutoCad plans.
Finalize the specifications sheets.
Print out plans for estimates.
Meet with builders.
Choose a builder.
Turn in finalized plans to the county.
Meet with lendor.
Move into RV (yikes!)
Get rid of trailer house.
Build house.

On another note, I need to rant about Measure 37. Some of you may know about it already. Basically it was a property rights measure that passed in 2004 that gave longtime land owners a way around current land use regulations. The idea was that people should be able to use their land and that government should not be able to regulate what a landowner wants to do with it. We are just now starting to see the effects of the measure. All over, large housing development tracts are sprouting up all over the state on rural farmland that has existed as farmland for decades.

We recently found out our neighbors are planning a 20 lot subdivision right next to our property. On the other side, is a 5-10 lot subdivision, and across the road is a 200 acre who knows what is yet to come. These properties have measure 37 waivers (only other option was a payout) from the state and county to do what they want. Our only option to limit (not stop) the effects is to vote on a new measure, Measure 49.

All I am going to say is that we will be voting for YES on 49, a measure set to modify the original measure and to add clarity, limit large scale developments, etc.

I realize that we are developing our property as well and that this can sound hypocritical, but we are simply replacing a trailer home with a "stick built" home in the exact same place. Our intentions are to keep the property as farmland and limit our impact here.
Ranting is done... for now. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Signing of the Partition

Ok, So today was the big day. We signed the actual partition on the Special paper....mylar.
The end is near. When mylar is being used, it's a big deal. They can't ask anything more of you once you've signed on mylar. (crossing my fingers) I can see the light. All downhill from here. Trust me, I have to talk like this. It is a wierd world out there. This is me being hopeful, positive, and confident (with one eyebrow slightly raised). Surveyors, planners, title officers, oh my. The next signatures will go to the planning director, county surveyor, and county assessor. Should be completely signed and recorded by Friday / Monday.

Hot damn.