Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hangin' in There

Again, I am posting that we are waiting for bids. Lately, I have been busy with odds and ends. It has been a Loooong time since my last post. Mainly this is because of the lack of progress. I would love to post good news, and when there isn't is hard to keep moving forward. Zach and I have been swamped with stuff (life, I guess) and we have had many discussions about scrapping the house building idea and just buying a house nearby (Eugene). We have had the plans finished for a while, trying to get bids, detailed bids. We did not have much luck with some builders. Not returning calls, Crazy! Anyways, the plan is to continue chugging along with the house building project, so here we go. Anyways, the newest update is that we may have to abandon our basement/garage. The way it is, appears to be too daunting for a builder (hence the lack of bids?) the last builder we talked to said it could be done, but would cost about 30 - 40 % of the entire project.

We hope to have an accurate bid, very detalied by next week or so with this last builder. This will be a bid without the basement /garage and in its place a standard crawlspace foundation. We are thinking about moving the garage to a different location. If we do this (plans are in the works) then we have to move farther away (7-10 feet) from the bank that our home site is on. We would have to move far enough back to have to move the existing septic tank (and most likely the drainfield). I am working on getting bids for that.
I'll keep you posted...