Monday, January 7, 2008

We have called some builders back

We handed off plans to 5 builders at least a few weeks ago. We have yet to meet with one. We have been playing phone tag, and actually talked to 2 that might have a bid for us soon. I have heard that 2-3 weeks should be plenty of time, but we were right in the middle of a couple of hopefully soon. One builder denied the project because we said we would like to do some of the work ourselves (minor finish work). Apparently that is something you should ask right away....(tip for the future). His insurance wouldn't cover anyone that did any work that wasn't licensed.
This last week, we met with a plans examiner. He was very helpful and gave us some insight into why we might not be getting bids right away. He had great things to say about the plans. He thought Zach did a great job with all of the layouts, calculating the loads to carry all of the weight of the structure properly, etc. He even mentioned that he thought we could do this on the side one day since Zach is familiar with the code and shows that he is willing to learn the code. The thing that we need to work on is formatting the plans and displaying some of the information a little differently. We will revise a couple of things and add more detail to the plans hopefully this week.
One builder actually called today and mentioned that he will be emailing a bid - although he would like a little more detail in the plans and mentioned that the bid will as good as he could get based on what he had.

Oh! I also have 1 serious inquiry about the trailer for sale! and 2 others "interested". Crossing my fingers, and will post more later.