Monday, April 2, 2007

We're still here.....

Lots of Things going on but we're still workin' away. Our driveway approach will be done soon (required when developing property). We have signed on with a local contractor to widen and pave our driveway approach (where the main road meets our driveway). About two days after we signed with a contractor we noticed the county trucks going up the road replacing culverts, widening driveway approaches, and paving them....Hmmm. I called all around trying to get the scoop on what was happening. Turns out they are resurfacing a section of the road and we are about 1 mile away from that project... I tried to get them to expand their project...not happening, Crap!! We could have had it done for FREE. Project to cost about $1,200 (I'm foreseeing the realities of the home building process flash before me...).

Zach is getting all fancy with the Auto Cad. 3D drawings, roof trusses, wall studs. He's almost done. I'll post another picture soon. We have also rearranged our bathroom upstairs (master bathroom) again, I think it is a better layout AND we managed to have room for a washer and dryer upstairs in the walk in closet. No walking up and downstairs for clean clothes. Good Stuff.