Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bermuda Triangle - look no further

I've found it. It's here. Stop wondering where the mysterious Bermuda triangle is. It is in our backyard (ok, technically it is the side yard). So, our final survey is almost complete with the county. We have the go ahead from the planning department, and then the surverying department finds out that a portion of land, in the shape of a triangle, belongs to the previous owners still. Apparently we have been paying taxes on it, we never knew it existed, yet we do not have title to it. Long story. Luckily, it is a very tiny triangle, but one that needs attention - Crap.

Good news: I have been learning a lot lately about locating old deeds, going through mortgage notes, researching legal descriptions of properties, and title insurance clauses. Bad news: This stalls things momentarily. Hopefully, we will get this resolved soon and as painless as possible.

Lately we have been preparing some things for construction. We have our driveway approach widened, we moved a couple of fences (to allow for more room around the drive in garage /basement. Today, we spent 4-6 hours in Jerry's and Home Depot stores going over things that will be going into the house. This week we will have a water expert come in and test our water. Our water is a bit on the iron-y side. Prior to building, we need to see what can be done about the water (go deeper with the well, remove some of the well casing, replace the plumbing from the well to the site, new well - Ughh, etc).

It's June eh? Well, we are still full force ahead - we just seem to be moving through jello pudding -with machetes in hand.