Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here are a few of my favorite things....Oprah's done it...Can't I?

After making lists of fixtures, lighting, fasteners, etc. for the house spreadsheet I thought I'd share some of the cool things I've come across.

1) I have been purchasing a few things here and there for the house when I find good deals. Some things I just need to wait on, because we don't have the space. Anyways, this black chandelier I saw in a bathroom on a tour home this summer. For the few amazing seconds I was in this bathroom, I considered buying the house. The entire house was Amazing, mostly furnished in a black and white theme with things found from the Z Gallerie (in Portland).

2) What is there not to love about Anthropologie (the store)? Well they have these cool doorknobs that really aren't that much more than a standard doorknob...yet they have so much more character.

3) Push Button Light Switches are the coolest thing! I have always loved to push buttons (haha), no really, there is something about pushing something in, hearing a click, and waiting for the after effects. I'd just have to know me, or just nod. It's the little things in life. It's hard to find a good picture but here is one from Rejuvenation, where they sell really hardware lighting, antiques, and other things. They have this mother of pearl finish on the buttons and different switch plate options.

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jessica said...

The Chandelier! I love it.